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Ultimate Benefits of Online Shopping – Let’s Go Online

Online shopping has become the modern day trend and making people crazy. People love shopping products online at cheaper prices than they are available at stores. Online shopping had change the trend of shopping. Now, people can relax at home and can order different products online. These products will be delivered to their home at a rush by the vendors. Moreover you can save plenty of money on your purchase by availing offers on different products like suits, anarkalis, slippers, puma shoes, cosmetics etc.

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Benefits of Purchasing Products Online

The present day scenario has made it really very difficult for people to find time for themselves for shopping at different stores in the local market. The life has gone really busy. Online shopping has contributed too much in easing their life and finding time to shop online even after the busy hectic schedules.

Range of Choices with Flexibility

Shopping online provides you a variety of stock on display and you can choose your products from different brands. There are plenty of choices available with you. Also, you can select your price range and then start shopping for your favorite products. Suppose you wish to buy puma shoes, you can get a number of options in desired price range.

Though, there are many stores in the market that provides you with variety of stuffs, but no store can provide you as much diversity in products as you can find on these web stores. Most of the online stores also provide you the flexibility to return your product, if you don’t like it. This is one of major benefits of shopping online.

Deals and Offers

Online shopping is associated with many other benefits too. Another great benefit of shopping online is that you can find plenty of exciting offers and deals at cheaper price. The puma shoes you are looking for can be availed at much cheaper price than the actual cost.

You can even use the discount coupons while shopping to get extra benefits. These discount vouchers are readily available on internet for every online store. You just need to enter the right coupon code before checking out to avail maximum discounts on your purchase. Some online stores even provide you extra discounts on your purchase above a fixed amount. They may provide you the gift vouchers to avail discounts for your next purchase.

Payment Flexibility

You also get different options to make the payments for your purchase. You can choose to pay through debit cards, credit cards, internet banking, PayPal, Cash on Delivery, mobile wallets, and different other means. You need to select the payment option while checking out. So, choose the payment option to which you are comfortable with.

Also, you need to be careful while applying the coupon code before making the payments. You should check it properly whether the coupon code is applied or not, else you may end up shopping the items at original cost. After the confirmation of discount on total price, you can proceed to pay the money for your purchased products.

The Last Words

Online shopping stores are the finest platforms to buy products at cheaper rates. This has eased the life of people and had made shopping filled with the convenience. The customers can view the products, view the price, and can select the product at just a single click. Online shopping has become an easy task to do. You can find exciting offers, discount coupons, a good range of stock at modest prices, and many other stirring assets, while shopping online for your favorite products.…

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Impact of Mobile Technology Projects for improving the lives of common citizens

The emphasis of UNDP is on enhancing the inclusion of the most disadvantaged sections (especially Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, women and other marginalized sections) in poverty alleviation programmes. UNDP India, being engaged with the Union Ministry of Communication and Information Technology in supporting national initiatives on E-Governance and use of ICT for various development sectors, enabled John to play a key role in many such initiatives.

John Borgoyary was working as a Programme Officer with the UNDP for 3 years from 2006 to 2009. During his association with UNDP the focus of responsibilities of John was on promoting the use of ICT for poverty alleviation.

The Background

åThe current scenario of widespread mobile networks provides enormous opportunities to use mobile technology for improving lives of common citizens. John was therefore interested in developing innovative projects which use cutting edge technologies (such as mobile phone-based applications) for improving access and capacities of common citizens for better livelihoods and services (government or otherwise), particularly in rural areas.

In this context, the following queries were raised and information sought by him to the members of the Solution Exchange:

  • Examples of innovative applications of mobile technology (among other cutting edge ICT tools), which have been successful in India and other countries, which use such technologies for G2C, C2C and C2B services.
  • Innovative ideas on where ICT applications based on mobiles can be used for the same.

The responses received mainly centered on the following important points:

  • Inventive ideas on using mobile phones
  • Facilitation of health service delivery
  • Improving transparency and accountability within the government
  • Right to Information Act
  • Discussing different case studies from other states

Specific Inputs

  • Members listed various E-Governance projects already using mobile technology in different parts of India.
  • The Government of West Bengal is using mobile phones to strengthen E-Governance initiatives, starting with information dissemination (health, education, sanitation schemes) and rural household survey.
  • An initiative by the Government of Madhya Pradesh enables citizens to pay their telephone and electricity bills through their mobile phones.
  • In Karnataka, a public-private-partnership project harnesses mobile phone technology for enhancing local information flows, particularly local content generation for Community Radio.
  • In Maharashtra, discussants mentioned a project where local youth use mobile phones to provide news and information to their communities
  • Other examples mentioned were LifeLines, E-chaupal, TeleCentre on Wheels, and KISSAN that have utilized ICTs to support farmers and the poor.
  • The responses received from the following persons were specifically used:
    1. R. K. Mukherjee, ACCESS Development Services, New Delhi
    2.  Ramnath Bhat, VOICES, Bangalore
    3.  Meghendra Banerjee, World Health Organization (WHO), New Delhi
    4.  Ravi Ghate,, Pune
    5.  Ramesh S. Aruznachalam, Microfinance Consulting Group, Chennai
    6.  Anindya Kumar Banerjee, Independent Consultant, Kolkata
    7.  Sougata Mukherjea, Telecom Research Innovation Centre (TRIC) IBM  India Research Lab, New Delhi
  • Members of ICT gave information on, which contained many new information used by John.


  • The various concepts and ideas of using SMS & MMS based tools for upliftment of the marginalized communities germinated and got crystallized through discussion and information received from the members of the ICT community.
  • UNDP was able to implement SMS / MMS based ICT project for Legal empowerment of marginalized communities in India (Orissa, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh).


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