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Month: November 2010

Query on CLimate change – Referrals, Examples

As we all know climate change is impacting each one of us in some way or the other. Access to relevant information on climate change is vital for public awareness and in turn for public to voice its concern and radio is a powerful medium of communication with its wider reach. Given the importance of radio as information delivery system, we are cross-posting this query with the ICTD Community to get a more broad based response and feedback. We look forward to your responses with keen interest.

I work for the Kamalnayan Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation which has interventions in 200 villages of five talukas of Wardha district inMaharashtra state since 2009. It aims at integrating development of society through participatory approaches that sets benchmarks and standards for others to emulate for sustainable development. Recently we have made partnership with NABARD for WADI development projects under its Tribal Development Fund. We are also addressing climate change issues through execution of the above programs including awareness generation.
Like the Government of India, we also recognize climate change as a major development challenge and creating mass awareness in this regard is of utmost importance. The impacts of climate change affect all of us, all countries, all states and all sections of the society, and we must strive to move to a climate resilient and low-carbon growth and development path.
TV, print and cyber media has already been used widely for spreading awareness on environmental issues. Awareness generation through the radio, which was a traditional medium of communication, could reach a wide section of Indian society to understand the nuances of climate change and how an individual’s carbon footprint adds to the overall problem, and how an individual’s actions can help reduce the problem. In the race for development we have left behind our traditional systems of communication which are more energy efficient and effective. However, communication through the print and electronic media being used extensively these days is more energy consuming, more resource intensive, market driven leading to greater resource consumption thereby altering the equity of co-existence of all species on the planet.
We seek your views on the following:
  • What role the radio, both commercial radio stations and community radio could play in spreading awareness on key themes related to climate change?
  • What are the specific themes that could have a greater impact for creating awareness when radio is used as a medium for communication?
  • What are the issues that need to be taken up by the print and electronic media that could make an impact on the masses?
We look forward to your enthusiastic response on this crucial area for creating awareness on climate change which is an integral part of our Programme. Contribution of members will be suitably acknowledged.
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